Chapters Cafe Dumaguete: Food Guide

Chapters Cafe is a two-story cafe located in Dumaguete City. From its exterior to interior design, it is amazing how creative this cafe is. This place will definitely unleash your imagination and will bring you to a place that you’ve never imagined.

I knew about this cafe from other bloggers who shared this on the internet. So I got really interested in it and I told myself to visit here once I arrived in Dumaguete!

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I was in Dumaguete the day before I visited Siquijor, so I was able to tour around the town all afternoon. With that, I was able to get a chance to pay a visit to the cafe.

Right after watching the parade for the Sandurot Festival and walking around the town, I decided to visit Chapters Cafe.

A Sneak Peek inside Chapter’s Cafe

I thought I wouldn’t feel amazed anymore since I already had an idea about what the place looks like. But I was wrong. As a matter of fact, the moment I entered the cafe, it made me feel absolutely astonished! Actually, the exterior part of the cafe is already inviting that makes you get curious about what it is like inside it!

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Inside Chapters Cafe Dumaguete
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The cafe itself is so dreamy and colorful. It is cool inside and you can see a lot of books around you. You’ll observe some books hanging on the ceiling. So if you are a bookworm, you will totally fall in love with this place! There are a lot of books that you can read in the cafe.

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Chapter’s Cafe Ambiance

The ambiance has a relaxing vibe that makes you want to stay longer. Despite the high number of people eating at the restaurant, it is not noisy and the aura inside is just totally peaceful.

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Every corner of the cafe is idyllic. The interior is cheery with bright lights and lots of magnificent tables and chairs against colorful walls. This place is ideal for those who love books and art.

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More to that, different artworks or paintings of tourist destinations around the globe are also recognizable on the wall. I personally enjoyed looking at each painting and I definitely loved taking pictures of it! It seems that the place is also ideal for those people who love to travel.

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If you go up to the second floor, you will even love the place more because everything that you see is wonderful! You will enjoy taking pictures everywhere you go.

In terms of food, they serve good food at a very reasonable price. Although it is kind of steep, the food servings are big and good enough for 1 person.

The staff is very attentive and helpful. I was traveling alone but one of their staff helped me out to take good pictures of me. Certainly, this cafe is worth visiting when in Dumaguete City.

This is a place to chill, dine, and an instagrammable spot in Dumaguete. Thus, this cafe is highly recommended!


Sta. Catalina Street, cor., San Jose Street, Dumaguete City

Operating Hours

7:00 AM – 10:00 PM


Facebook: Chapters Cafe DGT

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