Why You Must Stay at Mahogany Upland Resort, Dumaguete

A 30 min drive from Dumaguete City; located in Dauin, Negros Occidental, Mahogany Upland Resort is definitely an ideal place for you to unwind. It is away from the crowd and you will also have an opportunity to get closer to nature.

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Mahogany Upland Resort

There are lots of trees and plants surrounding every corner of the area and you will also love the fact that it is undeniably perfect for relaxation. It’s so serene that it can totally give you peace of mind. The only thing that you can hear is the humming of the birds, the trees swaying gently in the wind, the deafening sound of nature.

You will surely love how peaceful the place is. Aside from that, it will not disappoint you in regards to their cleanliness. The entire place is indeed clean and it doesn’t smell bad at all.

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Things to Expect

The Room

I was given a chance to stay in their family room. Upon entering the room, it amazed me how good the room looks like and how things are properly arranged.

An air-conditioned room that so spacious in which you can even move freely in spite of having lots of amenities inside.

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This family room is offered to big groups. It has two single beds and one master bedroom in a total of three beds.

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There are flat-screen television, two couches, a dining table with four chairs and a dresser. Its bathroom is also clean. It is really cozy and feels like home at the same time. In addition, the interior is simple yet has a very relaxing vibe.

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The Restaurant

More to that, there is a tiny pub that you’ll see once you get out of your room. It is a bar and restaurant that offers American and Filipino cuisine.

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Furthermore, there are a lot of different kinds of drinks to choose from the bar itself. They serve high-quality food which you’ll surely love! No need to worry about the other rooms. In fact, they also provide rooms for those who are traveling solo and small groups as well. More to that, the resort has a big swimming pool that can truly accommodate a vast amount of people.

The staff is very accommodating. Truly, they can assist and give you the best service. A place where you can have the perfect time to unwind and can have an indeed restful vacation. I highly recommend this resort to you!!!

Why Mahogany Upland Resort?

1. The tranquility that it offers.

Mahogany Upland Resort is so peaceful that you would love to stay for more than a few days.

2. The resort is definitely away from the crowd.

The place is not as crowded as other resorts. What’s my funny experience of staying here? Actually, I was the only one who checked into the resort! Hahaha! It’s true!

3. ‎Nature-friendly.

Certainly, everything that you might see around you is green. There are lots of trees and plants inside the resort. You might feel like getting closer to nature. The kind of atmosphere will help you feel relaxed.

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Dauin, Dumaguete

4. ‎Good for mind meditation.

You could relax here anytime you want. As a matter of fact, the place is serene in which you might find it good for relaxation. It is the best place to de-stress from your toxic daily routine.

5. ‎It is totally clean.

Yes! You won’t have any problem with the resort in terms of cleanliness. From the outside to the inside of the room, everything is sanitized. There’s no doubt that I really enjoyed staying in my room the entire night!

6. ‎It is very affordable.

Imagine staying in such a beautiful place like this; without breaking a bank can make most of your vacation when in Dumaguete City!

7. ‎The staff is respectful and very accommodating.

Indeed. You would love talking to them as if you have known each other for years. They could be your good friends during your stay at the resort.

8. A place to wander and feel the presence of nature.

This is where you can deepen your spiritual relationship with nature. If you love nature, this is absolutely the best place for you! As you stay here, you will appreciate more the beauty and value of nature.


Mahogany Upland Resort, Independencia Street, Dauin, Negros Occidental


Facebook: Mahogany Upland Resort

Mobile: 0921 750 9877

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